In the Collection from 1900-1950

Bather III

Lipchitz, Jacques, 1916-1917

Bottle and Violin on a Table

Picasso, Pablo, December 3, 1912, or later

Guardian Angels

Tanning, Dorothea, 1946

Hercules the Archer

Bourdelle, Antoine, 1909, cast 1947

Heroic Man

Lachaise, Gaston, 1930-34

Interior of Negro Rural Home, Greene County, Georgia, June 1940

Jack Delano (American, 1914-1997), 1940

L'Art de la Conversation

Magritte, René, 1950

Landscape at l'Estaque

Braque, Georges, 1906

Libations Vase

Argy-Rousseau, Joseph-Gabriel, circa 1924

Mask of a Faun

Picasso, Pablo, 1949-1950

Mounted Warrior Veranda Post (ope ile)

Yoruba Peoples; Olowe of Ise, circa 1910-1914

My Backyard

O'Keeffe, Georgia, 1937


Josef Ehm (Czech, 1909-1989), 1946

Old Mattress Factory

Woodward, William, 1904

Paul Léautaud in a Caned Chair

Dubuffet, Jean, 1946

Portrait of a Young Girl

Miró, Joan, 1935

Portrait of a Young Woman

Modigliani, Amedeo, 1918

Portrait of Jean Cocteau

Modigliani, Amedeo, circa 1916

Seamstress at Window (Ravaudeuse a la fenetre)

Renoir, Pierre Auguste, circa 1908-1910

Sketch for "Several Circles"

Kandinsky, Wassily, 1926

The Blue Kimono

Henri, Robert, 1909

The Dream [ Femme la fleur rouge]

Redon, Odilon, circa 1905

The Ice Hole, Maine

Hartley, Marsden, 1908

Twelve-light Lily Table Lamp

Tiffany Studios, circa 1900

Yucca Kachina

Hopi Peoples, circa 1940