In the Collection from France

Bather or Nymph Entering Her Bath

Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory after a sculpture by Étienne-Maurice Falconet (1716-1791), 1766-1775

Bottle and Violin on a Table

Picasso, Pablo, December 3, 1912, or later

Compositional Study for "The Apotheosis of Homer"

Ingres, Jean Auguste-Dominique, 1826

Fauteuil a' la Reine et a' chassis

Attributed to Nicolas Heurtaut, circa 1765

Hercules the Archer

Bourdelle, Antoine, 1909, cast 1947

Houses on the Old Bridge at Vernon

Monet, Claude, circa 1883

Ideal View of Tivoli

Lorrain, Claude (Claude Gellee), 1644

La Dame Indignée

Robert Doisneau (French, 1912-1994), 1948, printed 1979

La Poetesse

Ossip Zadkine, 1953

Landscape at l'Estaque

Braque, Georges, 1906

Libations Vase

Argy-Rousseau, Joseph-Gabriel, circa 1924

Monsieur Van Sittart

André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri (French, 1819-1889), 1858


Maurice Tabard (French, 1897-1984), 1929

One Foot Street Walkers

Jean Boucher (French, born 1908), circa 1950

Paul Léautaud in a Caned Chair

Dubuffet, Jean, 1946

Portrait of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

Vigeé-Lebrun, Mary Louise Elisabeth, circa 1788

Portrait of Marie Lassus of New Orleans

Jacques-PhilippePotteau (French, 1807-1879) and Louis Rousseau (French 1811-1874), 1860

Seamstress at Window (Ravaudeuse a la fenetre)

Renoir, Pierre Auguste, circa 1908-1910

The Age of Bronze

Rodin, Auguste, 1875-1876

The Dream [ Femme la fleur rouge]

Redon, Odilon, circa 1905

The Toilet of Psyche

Natoire, Charles Joseph, 1735- 1736

Théatre Odéon, Paris

André Kertész, (American, born Hungary, 1894-1985), 1926-1928

Venus Victorius

Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1914

Whisperings of Love

Bouguereau, Adolphe-William, 1889

Woman in Reeds (Undine)

Carrier-Belleuse, Albert-Erneste, circa 1865