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Radar Astronomy


A wooden box with glass window contains a chrome, rounded bar, which is attached horizantally at either end. It bears two metal rings. A wine glass holding a glass marble ist below, and a wooden ball is poised above, on… read more

Yucca Kachina


Kachina is wearing a skirt, and its arms are bent at the elbow, with its hands clenched in front. It had a cylindrical head with a projecting domed mouth with teeth and conical extended ears with red fiber attachments. Its… read more

Italian Collection


The Italian Collection NOMA’s Italian painting collection from the early Renaissance through the 18th Century is particularly distinguished. A group of panel paintings in tempera with gilded backgrounds, some as early as the 1300s, includes Bartolomeo Vivarini’s altarpiece of the… read more

NOMA Volunteer Committee (NVC)


NVC Membership entitles you to: Three general meetings a year with informative speakers and light lunch Camaraderie Newsletters Studio Salons Art Trips The opportunity to volunteer in our beautiful museum NVC Volunteer Opportunities: Fund raising events including Art in Bloom,… read more

Message from the Director


NOMA is honored to announce a major addition to the permanent collection this spring. The gift, Melic Meeting (Spread), 1979 by Robert Rauschenberg, was created during a pivotal period in Rauschenberg’s career and NOMA is delighted to share it with… read more

Objects of Desire: Faberge from the Hodges Family Collection


OBJECTS OF DESIRE: Fabergé from the Hodges Family Collection featured sculpture, jewels, smoking accessories, scientific instruments and other precious objects by Peter Carl Fabergé, and was on view from November 9, 2008 through January 18, 2009. The opening of this… read more

Paintings go beyond the realism of photography

News Item

By John d’Addario | The New Orleans Advocate This article originally appeared here Painting and photography have always had a complex relationship. Conceived as an adjunct to painting in the earliest years of its development in the first decades of… read more



Membership Become a member of the premier fine arts organization in the Gulf South. Your membership entitles you to visit NOMA as often as you like with free admission. Explore galleries of breathtaking artworks from every culture spanning over 5,000… read more



1910 Isaac Delgado gives $150,000 to the City Park Improvements Association for the erection of an art museum for the city of New Orleans to be located on the land in City Park. The prize for the architectural design of… read more