Friday, December 7th from 5pm to 9pm December 7, 2012


Join us on Friday, December 7th from 5pm to 9pm for Where Y’Art?!. Program includes:

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts is a regional, pre-professional arts training center that offers students intensive instruction in culinary arts, dance, media arts: filmmaking & audio production, music (classical, jazz, vocal), theatre arts (drama, musical theatre, theatre design), visual arts, and creative writing, while demanding simultaneous academic excellence.

NOCCA was founded in 1973 by a diverse coalition of artists, educators, business leaders, and community activists who saw the need for an institution devoted to our region’s burgeoning young talent.

Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick, Jr., Terence Blanchard, Jeanne-Michele Charbonnet, Wendell Pierce, Anthony Mackie, Mary Catherine Garrison and Gary Solomon Jr. are only a few NOCCA graduates who can attest to the extraordinary educational opportunity the Center represents to the children of Louisiana.

About Cindy Scott
Cindy Scott is a passionate, risk-taking heart-singer who isn’t afraid to reveal her emotions in song. Cindy has walked a different path from the average jazz singer. Born and raised in a house full of music and musicians, she chose flute as her first instrument and went to LSU on a music scholarship. Uncertain about life as a professional musician but positive she wanted to travel the world, Cindy got an MBA, learned to speak German and Spanish, and spent several years living and working abroad. During one of these stints she discovered jazz and began singing in the jazz cellars of Germany with local musicians.

Cindy has found a happy marriage between her straight-ahead roots and the musical gumbo that pervades New Orleans. She always sings music she connects with, whether jazz standards, unexpected genre-bending choices, or her own originals. Her most recent CD, Let the Devil Take Tomorrow, was voted New Orleans’ Best Contemporary Jazz Recording for 2010, a huge honor in a field that included projects by Christian Scott and Donald Harrison. The recording was also listed in Offbeat Magazine’s 2010 top 40 Louisiana releases in all genres.

About Peg Martinez
Peg Martinez (aka Square Peg) is a native New Orleanian who recently rekindled her passion for woodworking. As a child, her father had a well-equipped workshop in the attic, but this was his off-limits, sacred playground. Of course, forbidden equals appealing, making it the place where she most wanted to go. Not knowing what to be when she grew up and not thinking about how she might pay the rent, Peg majored in Art History in college. Galleries and museums did not knock down her door with job offers upon graduation. So she got a job in an art supply store (well, it kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?), where she learned the art of picture framing. Finally, an opportunity to work with tools! She worked for various galleries in the French Quarter and created her own small frame shop in the back of her apartment. She eventually pursued a Masters in Social Work, putting her table saw and router aside. Years went by until Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area, and indeed took an emotional toll on Square Peg. Searching for something to feel positive and passionate about, she returned to her workshop (now a small metal building in the back of her house), and began creating boxes combining various hardwoods for contrast and interest. Unique joinery, utilizing miter splines and dowels, adds to the geometric complexity of the designs. In 2010, she was chosen to be the artist to create the prestigious Arts Council of New Orleans annual awards. Peg now exhibits at local and national art festivals, and also currently has pieces at the New Orleans Museum of Art Gift Shop.

Ida Kohlmeyer: 100th Anniversary Highlights
In honor of Ida Kohlmeyer’s 100th anniversary, NOMA will present a selection of key works based in the permanent collection called “Ida Kohlmeyer: 100th Anniversary Highlights” on view on in the museum’s second floor Fredrick R. Weisman Galleries. Kohlmeyer’s versatile style will be illustrated through examples of rich abstract expressionist paintings, vibrant prints, and powerful sculpture.

About Gerhard Richter Painting
Director: Corinna Belz
Cast:Sabine Moritz-Richter, Konstanze Ell, Gerhard Richter, Norbert Arns, Hubert Becker
Country: Germany
Language: German with English subtitles
Running Time: 97 Minutes

One of the world’s greatest living painters, the German artist Gerhard Richter has spent over half a century experimenting with a tremendous range of techniques and ideas, addressing historical crises and mass media representation alongside explorations of chance procedures. Infamously media-shy, he agreed to appear on camera for the first time in 15 years for a 2007 short by filmmaker Corinna Belz called Gerhard Richter’s Window.

Her follow-up, Gerhard Richter Painting, is exactly that: a thrilling document of Richter’s creative process, juxtaposed with intimate conversations (with his critics, his collaborators, and his American gallerist Marian Goodman) and rare archive material. From our fly-on-the-wall perspective, we watch the 79-year-old create a series of large-scale abstract canvasses, using fat brushes and a massive squeegee to apply (and then scrape off) layer after layer of brightly colored paint. This mesmerizing footage, of a highly charged process of creation and destruction, turns Belz’s portrait of an artist into a work of art itself.

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