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Water Wonderland

By Alexandra Wolfe of The Wall Street Journal

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When photographer Edward Burtynsky chose water as a new theme, he had a hard time narrowing down how he would depict it. The challenge was intellectual as well as physical. He rented a hydro-truck with a bucket lift, and had a 50-foot pneumatic pole made with a remote-controlled camera-mount.

To capture some scenes from above, he put his lens through a hole in the floor of a leased Cessna. “Water is something I try to shoot from the ground,” he says, “but when you get up a starts to encompass the scale of human enterprise.” His new book Burtynsky-Water showcases this series, as will shows at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery and Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York from Thursday to Nov. 2 and an exhibition organized by the New Orleans Museum of Art starting Oct. 5.

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