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The New Orleans Museum of Art on a hot summer day is well worth the trip

It's officially summer; it is really hot and, now that the New Orleans rainy season has started, humid outside. To escape the heat, a trip to the well air conditioned New Orleans Museum of Art is in order. As you walk up the steps, the cool air invitingly escapes from the front door. Once inside you will be greeted by a twenty foot tall site-specific installation by the internationally renowned New York City artist who, like Cher and Prince, is known simple by one name, Swoon. The installation "Thalassa" is named after the Greek Goddess of sea creatures, and is situated above the museum's Grand Hall. It was designed by Swoon specifically to fit into and interact with the grand entrance way. All the paintings and sculptures on the first floor of the Grand Hall have been removed to give "Thalassa" its due respect and presence.

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