*NVC Memberships*

*Single - $25*

*Single Benefactor - $35*

*Couple - $30*

*Couple Benefactor - $40*

NVC Membership entitles you to:
  • Three general meetings a year with informative speakers and light lunch
  • Camaraderie
  • Newsletters
  • Studio Salons
  • Art Trips
  • The opportunity to volunteer in our beautiful museum
NVC Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Fund raising events including Art in Bloom, Home and Art Tour, LOVE in the Garden, etc.
  • Education, such as becoming a docent/museum guide, art teacher assistant and more
  • Visitor’s Services including admissions desk, NOMA gift shop, or sculpture garden
  • General services such as flower arranging, gardening, mailing, clerical, art ambassadors etc.
  • Hospitality including greeting committee or refreshments
NVC Dues January-December

Single $25
Single Benefactor $35
Couple $30
Couple Benefactor $40

History of the Women’s Volunteer Committee of the New Orleans Museum of Art by Virgina Panno

I suppose it was all Edgar Degas’ fault. If he hadn’t stayed in New Orleans for a time, painted a “Portrait of Estelle,” his cousin, and sparked excitement for the painting among several New Orleans ladies, then the force that is now the Women’s Committee would likely never have come to be. Cementing their determination to raise the money to keep the portrait where it belonged, this “force to be” swept over the city in 1964 raising money sparking a new kind of enthusiasm in the community. Even grammar school children sent in dollar bills to help buy the “Portrait of Estelle.”

Then, at a meeting at the late Edith Stern’s home on an auspicious spring morning in 1965, a small group of women, including many of those involved in the successful purchase of Estelle, met and decided that if a group of determined ladies could generate this much excitement for one painting, who knows what they could do for a whole museum! And so, Mrs. Samuel Logan having gained the Museum Board’s blessing, the Women’s Committee was born. This group of twenty-five women decided to working for museum needs was officially accepted by the Delgado Board of Trustees as “Delgado Dames.” They were to become the Charter Members of the Women’s Volunteer Committee.

The first test of the “mettle” of the new group was the Art Auction in 1965, which raised an astounding $35,000! Then followed the first Odyssey Ball the next year. (What? A charity ball in New Orleans? A city of Carnival Balls! Who will ever go?) The excitement swirling around the museum was strong because 750 people came to the first Charity Ball in the city that anyone could remember. And it cleared an amazing $25,000!

To quote the popular commercial, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”